Saturday, January 21, 2012

now and then

shirt - lauren ralph lauren 
jeans - zara 
scarf - used to be my moms 
shoes - franco sarto via nordstrom

then: I was in 8th grade
now: I'm in tenth

then: I bought clothes because of the label 
now: I buy clothes because I like them 

then: I had only been away to summer camp
now: I've been to australia and back alone 

then: I wore polos and headbands everyday 
now: I realize that was not a good look

then: I was thinking about graduating middle school 
now: I'm thinking about driving 

then: I had a blog that failed 
now: I have a blog I love 

then: I was (probably) 5'4" and never wore heels
now: I'm 5'8" and I love wearing heels 

then: I wore a uniform everyday to school 
now: I wear my own clothes to school 

then: I would self snap with friends (I was recovering from being a sevvie.. don't judge)
now: I take photos of my outfits for the blog

then: I wanted to be a fashion designer
now: I have no idea what I want to be

then: I wore this lauren ralph lauren white button down 
now: I wore this lauren ralph lauren white button down