Thursday, April 19, 2012

when in france.

when in france..

take pictures of the little tv's on the plane showing that you're in france.
take pictures of huge billboards to send to your australian exchange.
take pictures of flowers, because they're not just flowers, they're french flowers. 
go shopping on this street and die of amazement. WARNING: you'll never want to leave (read: TWO ZARA'S PEOPLE, TWO ZARAS)
take as many pictures of this guy, because you'll miss him when you leave. 
take 4762319847623 pictures of locks on bridges over the river seine, because it is just too cute and romantic (read: future husband, we're going to have a lock on there)

take pictures of food in patisseries because you like food and its pretty.
take sketchy photos of of the mona lisa, because there really isn't any other way to do it. 
realize where lady gaga gets her hair inspiration.
go to ladurée (pretty much the equivalent of going to heaven)
take pictures of Zara, because you never know when you'll see one again :'(
go to abercrombie on champs-elysées, and hear the hot french male models speak french and english. oh my iwilljusttakeoneofyouinsteadoftheactualmerchandise ..what?
have 'piqueniques'!
photograph the pain in the butt med kit that you are being forced to carry around so that you can always remember your pain. 
don't go to choco story. unless you have a passion for the history of chocolate going back into the time of the ancient mayans.. then you should go.
take a picture of your bread and chocolate, because you never know the next time you're going to eat bread again. jokes, you're in france, it will probs be in approximately three minutes.

so there is my guide to the lovely city of "pair-eeees" (more commonly known as paris to those who do not spell as they speak). so yeah, you should go 




Saturday, April 14, 2012


fisheyes just make me feel suh artsy. 

it happens people, it happens.