Sunday, February 16, 2014

a final farewell

So this is it, I guess. Goodbyes are hard. I don't think they will ever be easy. But here's to trying, and here's to goodbyes because sometimes they're needed. I haven't posted since September of last year and I couldn't just leave this little blog here without a proper goodbye, I'm old fashioned I guess. 

It's amazing to look back at my older posts and see how far I've come and how different I am now than I was when I started this blog my freshman year. I admit that at times I just want to forget that this blog ever happened, I just want to file it in the large archive of things I've failed at, a list that gets longer each day. But as much as I try to forget this piece of me, I can't. I've spent so much of my time over the years pouring myself out into this blog. I took outfit photos multiple times a week my freshman and sophomore years but somewhere in the mix of school and life, I lost the passion that I once had for this blog. I didn't want to take outfit photos, I didn't want to write, and even maintaining a twitter and instagram for this blog seemed like too much work for me. Honestly for the past year or so all I have wanted to do is stay at home and watch netflix. It's bad and I know I should stop wasting my life away on the computer, but I honestly have so little motivation and what motivation I had, I was putting toward getting into college and now that I did I have zero motivation to ever do anything. It's horrible and I'm working on it but for now I just need to tie up loose ends as this chapter of my life comes to a close. I'm not even sure if this post makes sense or if it's just me rambling, hopefully a little bit of both?

I'm going to college this fall. A great time to start fresh. I cannot explain how excited I am to go to a place where nobody has any preexisting opinions of me. It sounds like an absolute dream to not be known as someones sister or daughter but as myself. So here's to saying goodbye and starting fresh. 

Goodbye très claire, it's been a good three years.