Sunday, August 26, 2012

the first day outfit.

it's always the toughest outfit to plan.
the outfit that is most likely the most important outfit of the year. 

so naturally, 
i bought it approximately 18 hours before school started
i'm a slacker, guys, i'm a slacker.

but in a sea of darkness (aka bodycon skirts) i found this skirt 
ah yes i do love this skirt and it was decently priced as well 
win for claire! 
(except i'm broke..)


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the first day..

*insert horror music*

so my first day was pretty uneventful but I am absolutely exhausted
like I want to sleep so bad zzzzzzzzzzzz
 okay now onto my first day..

chinese was scary because, well, it's chinese and different 
but it will be interesting and hopefully fun 

art history seemed fine i really like the teacher
but the class is all seniors except for two D:
my good friend is in it though yay

photo was amazing 
there's only six people in my class and there's six enlargers and macs so that's perfeccccttt
and the teacher seems really nice so that's good

i really like my english teacher but i don't like my class sooo
we'll see  how that goes 

my math class has seven people 
which is slightly awful since that means a lot of participation time for someone who sucks at math..
and my teacher is the most awkward man in the history of the world

and french, oh french french french 
i have such a love hate relationship with this class..

and i haven't had physics yet so we'll see how that goes..

yeah so just incase you wanted to know about my school life, here ya go! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

artsy just got artsy-er

* i made the pictures tiny because theres just so many *

I made these a while back, I can't believe I forgot to share them with you all! I made my super cool fisheyes even cooler by writing on them and I quite like the way they turned out!

Yeah, I was watching the olympics just now and I was just sitting there thinking, hey at least i run (a blog)

ha ha ha 
I'm too funny..

p.s. sorry for the photo overload..


Sunday, July 8, 2012

photos + thoughts

just some photos that i've taken recently with my smokin hot camera <3

Things have been weird lately. And that might be why I haven't been blogging as much as I used to. I've lost all interest in everything I do. Things I used to like are now a chore. All I want to do is lay in my bed and go on my computer. I spend most of my days on tumblr just lying here listening to lana del rey. I've been like this for a few months now, I thought it would go away but my lack of motivation and interest has been never ending lately. I never ask my friends to hang out anymore, I only hang out with them if they ask first. My relationship with God is going downhill, I used to pray every night and now I maybe pray once a week. I used to care about school, now I can't even be bothered. I'm stressed beyond belief. You wouldn't imagine. Like I find church stressful sometimes. Everything stresses me out, anxiety is taking over my life. Everything is bottled inside but on the outside I'm showing nothing. I'm drifting, drifting far away. And I hate it so incredibly much, but there's nothing I can do about it besides watch myself drift.

wow this is the most personal i've ever gotten in a blog post. and to be honest i hesitated a little before i clicked publish, because people I know read this blog and that scares me and I really don't like it. But I promised myself I'd be more honest on here so this is it. The true me is not as glamorous as it seems, sorry guys.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

7th july.

July 7th 2011. 

It is not often that I remember exactly what I was doing exactly a year ago. But this year today I do. 

It was a year ago today that I left for Australia. July 7th 2011 was the scariest and most exciting day of my life so far. 

I can't find the words to say anything about Australia and my experience. It was a beautiful place with beautiful people. In my one month there I fell in love with it. I miss it so much it hurts. Going to Australia changed me so much.

It was the shortest and best month of my life. It went by so fast, it doesn't even feel like it happened, but i'm glad it did.

I was expecting for this to be a longer post, but i guess the only way for you to understand is to go to Sydney for a month yourself and see what happens. 

If ANY of you are ever considering doing an exchange program anywhere DO IT. It will change you. If you need convincing email me and I will tell you why you should.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

pretty floral shoes.

this outfit basically = procrastination from doing history 

the shoes were bought to procrastinate from studying. the shorts as well. and the bracelets i made when i probably should have been doing homework. (i got all of it done, don't worry)

anyways, history is insane and i hardly have time to do much else (erm, except for tumblr..) buuuut it finishes next friday and so then i will have all of my time to be on blogger and tumblr and twitter oh my! 

oh, and would you guys like it if i did a diy post on how to do those bracelets? tell me if you would in the comments!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

sophomore year.

It's over. I'm done. I survived sophomore year. And what a year it has been. It started with me going to Australia. And that was quite possibly the best month of my life, it was amazing, it doesn't even feel like it ever happened, I want to go back so bad. Then I started school and my schedule was pretty good this year. Then in November my exchange student came here for a month. Over thanksgiving I went to DC and New York (for the first time!!). Then spring break rolled around and I went to Paris, which was amazing because well, it's Paris. Then May came around which is when a ton of my friends birthdays are (including mine) and so we threw a surprise party for one of my friends and then I had mine (NOTE: the location of my party was not my house lolol I had a lot of people ask me if it was) and this weekend I have two more birthday parties to go to.   I had finals this week and now I'm done. It doesn't seem like I should be done. It seems like tomorrow I'll be back in my same classes with the same teachers and the same people, but I won't. And this year for the first time ever I was happy to get out of school but almost kind of sad too, because I really liked all of my teachers, and my schedule wasn't the best but I liked that too, and some of these teachers I'll never have again and it's sad. Next year I'll be a junior, which I'm told is the hardest year. I'll have to think about colleges, my schedule's going to be insane (chinese anyone?)  even though I'm not taking any AP's. And sometimes I just wish that I didn't have to grow up, I wish that I was 5 again because at age 5 the only thing you have to worry about is whether or not to color inside the lines. 

So in conclusion, one year, 5 cities, 18 hours of exams, endless hours of classes, and lots of zara clothes later, I'm a junior. Just two more years left.