Sunday, August 26, 2012

the first day outfit.

it's always the toughest outfit to plan.
the outfit that is most likely the most important outfit of the year. 

so naturally, 
i bought it approximately 18 hours before school started
i'm a slacker, guys, i'm a slacker.

but in a sea of darkness (aka bodycon skirts) i found this skirt 
ah yes i do love this skirt and it was decently priced as well 
win for claire! 
(except i'm broke..)


6 lovely comments:

Yasmin said...

love your skirt, the pattern is so pretty!

Georgia said...

You look gorgeous Claire! Definitely a winner of a first day outfit!!

Ammie+Sharrie♥ said...

Ahaha Body con skirts are my HELL ON EARTH! But yeah the outfit is absolutely gorgeous !
Ammie xx

Je suis Sophie said...

Nice skirt and extremely cute ring!

Greta said...

HA your writing always makes me crack up, I love it. I completely agree with you about bodycon skirts....will we ever see the light?

xoxo Greta

Laura Mullins said...

You're such a stunna.