Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the first day..

*insert horror music*

so my first day was pretty uneventful but I am absolutely exhausted
like I want to sleep so bad zzzzzzzzzzzz
 okay now onto my first day..

chinese was scary because, well, it's chinese and different 
but it will be interesting and hopefully fun 

art history seemed fine i really like the teacher
but the class is all seniors except for two D:
my good friend is in it though yay

photo was amazing 
there's only six people in my class and there's six enlargers and macs so that's perfeccccttt
and the teacher seems really nice so that's good

i really like my english teacher but i don't like my class sooo
we'll see  how that goes 

my math class has seven people 
which is slightly awful since that means a lot of participation time for someone who sucks at math..
and my teacher is the most awkward man in the history of the world

and french, oh french french french 
i have such a love hate relationship with this class..

and i haven't had physics yet so we'll see how that goes..

yeah so just incase you wanted to know about my school life, here ya go! 

5 lovely comments:

Justina said...

Love this outfit, it looks so comfortable! and your school life was totally interesting :P


Simona said...

Amazing bracelets!:)

Georgia said...

What a lovely outfit, enjoy going back to school!!

Nora Aradi said...

Lovely outfit!

Lela said...

You are so cute! Haha. Love the skirt.

xo, Lela
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