Monday, May 13, 2013

updates | i'm taking a bloging break... again...

Okay, so I need to take a quick little break from this little blog of mine over here because this next month is going to be crazy. If you've been through junior year you'll definitely (hopefully?) understand. I have 3 weeks of classes, 3 finals, 2 subject tests, and one ACT in between me and summer. So many tests SO LITTLE TIME. I really shouldn't even be making this blog post right now but let's be honest this is a lot more fun than studying for my french test tomorrow. School is slowly (but surely) taking over my life. Summer cannot come fast enough (actually I need more time to study for the ACT... conflicted) and I can't believe it's less than a month until the seniors graduate and then I'm a senior in my last year of high school. AH!

Well, I'll be back on June 16 after a week long beach vacation to de-stress from my final month of junior year! Get ready for lots of posts because I will have free time (what a novel concept)! New clothes! New posts! New pictures! Oh my!