about me

I'm Claire. 
I'm 17 years old.
I live in the United States. 
I started this blog over two years ago* as a place to document my outfits and life with people of the internet. I regret nothing about the decision to make this blog. 

I'm a senior in high school (they were lying when they said high school would be the best four years of your life). The future scares me, but I like things that scare me. 

I'm indecisive. I obsess over the smallest things. I laugh a lot. I love my city. I have amazing friends and an even more amazing God. I don't know what I want to be when I'm older, but I have time to figure that one out. 

I love photography, people say I'm really good, I say I can get so much better, who's right? who knows? I love travel, since I've started this blog I've set foot in a total of six different countries, maybe that's a lot to you, maybe thats not, but it was a lot for me.  

So come along for the ride, I'm sure it'll be an interesting one...

*I started this blog in December 2010 (freshman year of high school) but around April 2013 I wanted to clean up my blog and so I went crazy and deleted more than 150 posts saving only my favorites. So that's why it looks like I never post anything, I promise I do! 

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