Saturday, June 22, 2013

outfit | red hot

shirt - H&M // shorts + sunglasses - urban outfitters // shoes - converse // purse - marc jacobs 

Guys, check out these shorts, I seriously think I'm in love. Also with the shoes, shirt, and sunglasses but hey it's good to love all of your clothes right? So the other day while my car was getting an oil change I went shopping with my mom and sister. I was in urban outfitters because I just always like to look around there because they have really cute clothes, I went up to the sale which has things that are more in my price range and started searching through the racks of clothes. Originally I wasn't drawn to these shorts because I already have so many other colored shorts and I really need just plain jean shorts. But then I saw these in this color and also a nice light blue/mint color, and well I picked out what I thought was my size (please tell me I am not the only one who has trouble with pant sizes that aren't 2,4,6,8 etc.) and tried them on. Well this story is getting dragged on a bit too much, but in short they're really comfy and just the right amount high waisted and were only $20 instead of $50. So naturally I bought two pairs. Yeah, you could say shopping is a problem of mine. 

Speaking of, Zara is having a sale currently and someone really needs to block that website off my computer because I could do some serious damage... (but seriously look at these shoes!!)

On a totally unrelated side note, I saw my first R rated movie today since turning 17! I saw the bling ring, I actually thought that it was really good, funny, and well put together. I would recommend it especially if you have seen pretty wild. Emma Watson was so hilariously stupid in it, I love her, she's such a great actress! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

thoughts | junior year

I'd say this photo accurately sums up my junior year (+ more books).

I can't believe junior year is over! And I certainly can't believe I only have one more year of school until college! Well, all of the things said about junior year being busy, stressful, and sleepless were in fact, quite true. But I survived. Junior year was definitely the hardest but it was also the most rewarding. I genuinely liked all of my classes and also tried my hardest which I think was reflected in my grades and scores. Nothing like the fast approaching and competitive college admission process to motivate you! 

To anyone going in to their junior year this fall: good luck, you can do it! 

Junior year in numbers:
6 classes (+ 3 arts/electives)
0.91 change in my GPA (up, not down)
3 ACT's 
2 SAT subject tests
1 college essay draft written

Now that junior year is over, the blog hiatus is also over! I promise I will not keep disappearing for long amounts of time like I did way too many times this year. Here's to summer and more posting! I'm almost at 100 followers which is also super exciting!