Tuesday, July 3, 2012

pretty floral shoes.

this outfit basically = procrastination from doing history 

the shoes were bought to procrastinate from studying. the shorts as well. and the bracelets i made when i probably should have been doing homework. (i got all of it done, don't worry)

anyways, history is insane and i hardly have time to do much else (erm, except for tumblr..) buuuut it finishes next friday and so then i will have all of my time to be on blogger and tumblr and twitter oh my! 

oh, and would you guys like it if i did a diy post on how to do those bracelets? tell me if you would in the comments!


7 lovely comments:

Anonymous said...

The colour of your shorts is gorgeous, I really want a pair like that myself. Just reading your tweets on your sidebar as well, I cannot stop listening to Lana Del Rey either!
X Jane


Georgia said...

The colour of those shorts is truly fantastic!! I would love a DIY post on those bracelets, I'd definitely make myself some!

Claire said...

Lovely outfit you have a so great style ! ♥

Anonymous said...

Do a DIY post-please!

Justina said...

Hi, can we be friends? Because you are amazing, and really pretty, and...er..yeah. :D Anyway, love this outfit!


Mary Lee said...

ah i love your shirt and shorts, such a cute combination! and yes i still have school, sigh, its so sad seeing people already going on holiday ahah

my tumblr is dwarfgalaxy.tumblr.com

i had to change it because i didn't want my school friends to stalk me hehe


Britney said...

I love these photographs! SO gorgeous!
-Britney of Lemonwood and Honey
Oh and Claire, the shorts are a lovely colour! ADORE