Tuesday, September 20, 2011


sweater - H&M
pants - j.crew
shoes - Steve Madden

Nearly my whole life I have wanted to be something or someone else. Whether I wanted my then straight hair to be curly or wishing that I was English and not American, there was always something. But when you think about it everybody at at least one point in their life has wanted something that they don't have-- it's only completely natural.  

If I learned one thing this summer, it's that I need to be content with who I am. I need to want to be myself and not someone else. I finally realized that being an individual really isn't a bad thing.

Starting with the post after next I am going to blog about my trip to Australia, it will be a series of posts (I took nearly 800 pictures!) It was an amazing trip and it truly did change my life.

School is crazy at the moment (and we just started 4 weeks ago?) so excuse me for the sporadic posts.

p.s. That is my film camera in the photos above! I developed the film today! yayay Cannot wait to see how the photos turn out!

p.p.s That sweater is my life. $10 at H&M and it is the softest thing ever. Can't get much better than that!


5 lovely comments:

Wild Flower said...

Oh I want the H&M sweater, looks so cute, and I definitely love those shoes, amazing :)


Miranda said...

Love the sweater!
To answer your question on my blog, There's a Free People section in Dillard's. The dress was on the sale rack. :)

Amanda said...

loving the hm sweater as well!

Alex said...

absolute lovely photos!

have a look at my London Fashion Week reports!

Sarah said...

I love your jumper, it's really cute and I really like the colours. You're right though, everyone wants something that they don't have, but in the end you have to just appreciate what you do have :).