Friday, May 4, 2012

a blog post in which i compare my self to hannah montanta

shirt - pimkie (french store)
skirt - j.crew
shoes - steve madden

sometimes i feel as if i live a double life, which in part i do. two instagrams, two twitters, two claires. I don't know why I don't want to tell anyone from school that I have a blog, I just don't. It freaks me out that if people knew, they would have such insights to my thoughts that they would know me better than i feel comfortable with. Sometimes its easier to share your life with complete strangers than people you know, I can't be the only one who feels this way?

It's just that most people at my school don't value things like blogging, and i know that I would be made fun of for it. People at my school just wouldn't understand how much blogging means to me and what a great community this is, they just wouldn't, at my school you're not considered successful unless you play a sport or are good at science, and i feel like blogging would just be looked at as downright weird. Although maybe i am weird... EMBRACE THE WEIRDNESS


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Maria Elyse said...

I feel exactly the same way, Claire. I'm pretty sure only a couple people I know even know my blog address, and if I find out that someone I know *knows* that I have a blog I FREAK OUT. It's honestly a pain trying to keep it hidden and a secret, but I just feel so much better/secure that way.

I have to say one of my biggest fears is of people at school finding my blog...I guess it all comes down to the fear of being judged. And the people in the blogging community usually don't do that, since we're all interested in the same things. Like I don't even wear half of my outfits to school unless it's really low-key...I'm just terrified of my schoolmates seeing the side of me that I display on my blog.

ANYWAY. Done ranting on blogging security, haha. Just wanted to say I can totally relate! :)

Maria Elyse

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing. i understand, i was wondering do you tell your friends?

Caroline said...

aw, you are so darling, i know how you's odd to have people you know personally reading your blog.

also, just curious, but do you live in France? if so, i'm totally coming to visit you!! :) haha

Maria said...

Oh my gosh, I felt the exact same way! I didn't want anyone to see my outfit pictures or anything like that :) Trust me, you will eventually feel more confident with sharing your blog and not caring what they think. Your outfits are gorgeous and you are a fabulous writer and YOU AREN'T WEIRD haha :) Keep blogging, girl!

xx Maria

Dilan Dilir said...

nice photos and gerat outfit :D

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean! A lot of my friends don't know about my blogging, only a few close ones do, mainly because I don't live in a very open-minded town, haha. But, I still enjoy it, and I'm fine with it being my little thing. Gorgeous outfit, by the way.
X Jane

Laura Mullins said...

I used to freak out (didn't even tell my family) until I started talking about it! It was weird at first, but it ended up being wayyy better, promise. After all, silly people that don't know or care about blogging won't be able to change their perspectives unless you tell them to and/or why they should.

Anyway, I totally understand that it takes time, and it'll be awhile till you're ready, but I'm sure the day will come when you'll be super happy to live just one life! (; Not to mention the future benefits people knowing about your blog, like more people to take pictures of you, good old fashioned moral support, and motivation to stay as cool as you already are!

P.S. I don't mean to make it sound like you're the only one feeling this way - almost EVERYONE does at some point <3
P.P.S. I also have a question... where did your pinterest go? /:

world on high heels said...

amazing photos!