Monday, January 28, 2013

europe part 1 | roma+firenze

Rome was such a cool city! Italians have such a rich culture and it was so fascinating to see all of these amazing sights that I had read about in textbooks and heard about all these years. I think that for me especially, being from the United States, I am always in awe of the amazing architecture of all of the buildings, many of them being older than my own country! The Vatican Museum was really cool, well actually I didn't care much for the main museum part so much as the Sistine Chapel! The Sistine Chapel was amazing, not too shabby for a guy who wasn't a painter! I think that this year was the perfect year for me to go to Italy because I'm in art history so a lot of the things that we saw I had also learned about in art history class. Saint Peters Basilica was pretty cool too, but I'm not catholic so being in the place where the Pope preaches was not really too exciting for me, great architecture though!

I also loved The Forum, which is the ancient Roman ruins. They were amazing! It was so weird to think that I was walking around structures that were there at the time of Jesus! Like W O W. I also think that ruins are just fun to look at and take pictures of.

Oh yeah, and I basically pretended I was Lizzie McGuire when I went to the Trevi fountain. I never got my hot Italian pop star boyfriend though????? Ugh, false advertising... 

things I did in Rome: trevi fountain, vatican, the forum/colosseum, pantheon, shopping (!!) + more

Guys, Florence is so pretty! Florence was definitely my favorite city in Italy that we went to. The last two pictures were from when my dad and I climbed up tons of stairs (like really, a lot) and we got to this overlook from which you could see the entire city of Florence. It was well worth it (I'm not kidding when I say there were a lot of stairs, I was winded!) and I got amazing pictures of the skyline! The best part about going up there? My sister has a hurt knee and it's hard for her to climb a lot of stairs, so she was the one who had to go paper shopping with my mom, HA! Ah I just love European architecture, it really is so sublime. 

things I did in Florence: saw the david(!), went through tons of churches and art museums, shopped more, walked throughout the city + more


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Christian said...

amazing photos
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Laura Mullins said...

GAH. These are all breathtaking. Take me with you next timmmmme.

Amy said...

looks like an amazing time! We are going in May, I can't wait!

Llara G said...

Wow, gorgeous pictures! I've never been to Italy. Hopefully I'll remedy that in the next year or two...

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Lole your photos! I'm impessed by your blog <3 Do you want to follow each-other?