Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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So I'm currently sitting in Panera because the last time I had wifi was two weeks ago and I may or may not have used up all of my 3G for the month. Basically I'm like every other teenager and have developed a dependency on the internet. I literally have found myself going crazy without access to email, twitter, blogger, and especially instagram, I'm obsessed okay? I've never realized just how much time I spend distracting myself. I like to be busy and between two twitters, four instagrams, facebook, a blog and other things like school and photography I think I accomplish that. But so much of this "busy" comes from the internet that I have had so much time lately. I'm bored. Like the kind of bored where you try to go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 11am just so you only have to be awake for 12 hours. I mean I took a glassblowing class, saw imagine dragons in concert (!!! post on that soon!!!), read one of my summer reading books but in-between those things there is not too much to do. Oh, and I moved, that is why all of this is happening and why I haven't had wifi. House number six and I'm not even 18, weird huh?

Well I've been sitting in Panera for almost 2 hours, and I can't tell if the weird looks I'm getting from the staff are because I've been here so long after I've finished eating or if it's just my imagination. But thank you Panera for having free wifi, free wifi is great. 

Now that I've said my fill about Panera and my lack of wifi, can we talk about my shoes? I got these wedges for $50 on sale when they were originally $90. For the longest time I couldn't decide if I wanted to buy them because I never know how often I'll actually wear heels. Well I obviously bought them and they are obviously gorgeous and sometimes I do enjoy being over 6 feet tall (I'm 5'9" without heels). Who cares if I have to put bandaids on some of my toes before I wear them, fashion before comfort....right? 

Well I've been sitting here for over two hours now and I just looked up how many calories were in my salad that I ate. There were 530 calories, oh Panera I am now scared of you and your sneakily high calorie counts. So I'm going to try and pry my sister away from her computer and go home so I can go run or something. Its even sunny outside which is a pleasant surprise compared this mornings rainy grey skies. Sorry this post is so ramble-y, lack of wifi does strange strange things to me.

Hope your day is fabulous! 

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you are adorable! I love your blog! Its adorable. Now following <3 Hope you stop by too,