Sunday, April 7, 2013

right now | april 2013

reading // their eyes were watching god, for school
listening to // imagine dragons + bastille + florence+the machine + walk the moon
wishing // if only i had more time to do things i love 
thinking // how great would it be if it was summer now?
doing // homework, as always, oh and ACT prep too
dreading // ACT next saturday 
trying // to workout more 
looking forward to // the great gatsby movie, summer, imagine dragons concert
news // i'm moving 

8 lovely comments:

Mary Lee said...

these pictures are so so beautiful especialy the first one! i don't know why but it really reminds me of the lovely bones. ugh you're such a cool gal, really want to meet you!


Anonymous said...

This post is so relatable to me at the moment. So. Relatable. Right now to the great gatsby movie! Eek! Love it!
P.s. Imagine Dragons concert? JEALOUS.

Vivi K said...

Haha I'm with you on the home work! Always a pile in my room waiting to be done! Let's hope Summer will be here quickly. :)

Claire said...

Great pictures! You are literally a cooler version of me.. Especially since we have the same name. ;) I'm obsessed with Imagine Dragons and Florence, and I'm always doing homework as well. Your sense of style is pretty much perfect, too!

allison said...

imagine dragons...ahh yess ♥ they are so amazing :)
love your photography in this post!


Midwest Muse said...

these pictures are fun and compliment the life updates!

Laura Mullins said...

Claire, these pictures are breathtaking. Seriously. Hope the ACT went well! I'm sure you rocked it. <3

Sameeyn said...

I love these pictures!