Sunday, April 21, 2013

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Hey guys! 

I don't know how many of you know this, but I wear contacts. I used to have glasses but I never liked them much and I hated how I looked in them so I never wear them (6th grade Claire had bad taste.. shocker?). Recently, though I have really been wanting glasses because wearing contacts from 7AM to 11 or 12PM really dries out my eyes. I had heard about Warby Parker through tons of people and I decided to check out their website. 

1.) I really liked a lot of their frames 
2.) I love that they have a home try on (you can get your 5 favorite pairs sent to your house for 5 days for free to try them on)
3.) And the best part? They're only $95! 

Yeah, you read that right, all five of these glasses are only $95 (each) and that's including lenses. I don't know how many of you wear glasses, but $95 for a pair of frames and lenses is insanely cheap! (My mom is very happy about the price tag since, um, I normally pick out glasses a couple hundred dollars pricier than these, that she wouldn't even think about buying for me)

 I hope that the quality will be good too, since everything has been good thus far! 

So, quick question, which one of these frames do you think I should get? Comment, tweet me, or comment on my instagram, I don't care! I already have an idea of which ones I want to get, but I want feedback! 

yay glasses! (never thought I'd be saying that!)

5 lovely comments:

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Ahh! The first black pair with the slight cat eye! I want them for myself ;)

Mary Lee said...

i'm seriously loving all those pairs! i absolutely love the third and fourth pair but i think you look amazing in all of them

Danneke said...

those are lovely! i especially like the blue ones

maggeygrace said...

$95!?!?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! I'm definitely jumping on this. I need new frames oh so badly. And the pair you are wearing in the very bottom picture is absolutely my favorite. You look so cute in them! My only concern with that pair is that they seem to be somewhat trendy right now so they may not be as timeless but if you were willing to work them for years to come, I would pick those hands down! (And I totalllly think you could!)

Laura Mullins said...

Tortoise fo sho!