Saturday, July 6, 2013

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Okay, so today has not been good by any stretch, starting with me waking up naturally at 7am (who am I? don't worry I stayed in bed for a good two hours after..) and then a horrible workout and general lack of motivation. It turned out that I was going to be home alone with nothing to do for the entire afternoon, and after a fun little trip to whole foods yesterday, I decided that since I had a bunch of food at my house I would find something to make. And behold healthy homemade chocolate:

Yeah, this stuff is pretty good. It doesn't help that it photographs extremely well. And it's only 4 ingredients (+sea salt). But really, can someone tell me how I've gone this far without knowing I could make my own chocolate (easily)? Bad day turned good? I guess you could say so! 

Okay, so I'm sure you're all dying for the recipe, or maybe not but hey it's chocolate and I have met very few people who dislike chocolate...

4 tbsp coconut oil
4 tbsp cocoa powder 
1 tsp honey 
coconut milk to preference (I just added it because the mix was so thick)
whatever toppings you want, I used sea salt (optional)

And then just scoop it on to a cookie sheet (or plate really) with parchment paper and pop it into the freezer for about 30 minutes! Cut it up in to pieces using a sharp knife and then put back into the freezer and then eat it whenever you want chocolate because this chocolate is healthy, or at least that's what I'm telling myself... But hey, you know exactly what's in it and that's one step up from a chocolate bar in the store! 

I don't know when I decided to become a food blog, but this post seems to have cured my bad day and photography block so hey, maybe it isn't so bad to switch it up every once in a while.

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Claire said...

Thanks for the recipe! I definitely need to test this out as soon as possible! :)