Monday, September 2, 2013

am I even the same person? a list of ways I've changed in two months

So summer 2013 was actually the most anticlimactic summer ever, am I right? Another summer came and gone, another summer that I said I would blog a lot and barely even posted once a month. But now school has started and my life is anything but boring, I'd say that stressful is a more fitting word. Oh yes, senior year has arrived and not without tests, quizzes, papers, presentations, and the oh so dreadful common app. Yes, that's right this year (this fall!) I'm applying to college. Which is only mildly terrifying. Okay.. it's actually really terrifying. A year from now I will be at college starting a new and exciting chapter in my life, but before that I have a lot of work to get done. Change is scary, but change is also exciting. And even though I haven't had life changes as big as college yet, a lot of things have happened to me since I last posted. So think of this list as an update of sorts, I guess. Here we go!

1. Well my family moved across town so that's a pretty big change. We moved to the other side of town away from my school and friends so my life has involved very little sleep and a whole lot of driving as of lately. 

2. Speaking of driving.... I got a speeding ticket yesterday... for going 76 in 60.... I really should not be able to drive. And even more fun than the terrifying experience of getting a ticket (crying/hyperventilating/panic attack happened) is the fact that I get to go to court in a few weeks because I'm under 18! Yay... just call me juvenile delinquent (probably the most ironic thing I've ever heard). No worries, I drove 55mph the whole way home. 

3. Even more shocking perhaps than me getting a speeding ticket is the fact that I got asked to homecoming (at my schools "brother school") last week. Um what? 

4. My senior year schedule is 
AP Calculus AB
AP Statistics 
Contemporary World Lit Honors 
French Regions 5
Chinese 2
Photo 3
Publication Design 
do you think I'm crazy yet? because I do...

5. I'm still unemployed (shocker..) but I do get paid to drive a freshman to and from school and I will be  getting paid to stay a week with a different freshman when her parents are on vacation. Hey I gotta find some way to fund my online shopping addiction 

6. I have an interview on Thursday for a college. Scary! I am currently in between two small liberal arts schools to apply early decision to. AH

Okay so I think that's all, I just love to document my life so then when I'm old and bored I'll have something to look back at. Just kidding I don't think I'll ever be bored...

Also I got this cool book where you write down a couple sentences every day for five years! Which means that once I finish it I'll be already graduated from college! I really hope that I can keep it up and write something in it every single day for 5 years because I think that it will be so cool (and probably pretty hilarious) to look back on these years of my life!

3 lovely comments:

Casey said...

oh the book, i need one! what a special idea.

sounds like you're in for a crazy senior year, claire.

but i am so so jealous of your list of a mere two schools whereas mine consists of eight. EIGHT freaking schools.

anyways, best of luck this year!

Musical Lynn said...

Wow thats a lot going on in your life!!

Elise Martin said...

I nominated you to do the liebster award! by the way i really love you blog, ha we have the same theme!
here is the link for the questions