Sunday, December 4, 2011


shirt - forever 21
skirt - topshop
shoes - steve madden 

first outfit post in, what? three weeks? WOW. thats crazy..

So I bought this skirt in new york city. 
And it was my first topshop experience. 
It was lovely. 
Unfortunately very expensive.
Or else I would have bought more. 
Including a very cute (and short) wrap dress
Mmmmm I wish I loved closer to topshop (and sara)
p.s. today was a no makeup kinda day.. I didn't even brush my hair.. don't judge

21 days 'till christmas!


2 lovely comments:

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Oh are such a doll! I'm so jealous that you got to go to Topshop...everything there is unbelievably gorgeous and you came back with a beautiful find! And don't worry; almost everyday is a 'no brush hair' day for me, haha.

Anna said...

That skirt... Is amazing..