Friday, December 9, 2011

washington, district of columbia

'e pluribus unum' - 'out of many one'

United States of America. A country. My country. A place that I love, no matter how many times I say I want to live somewhere else. America is such a great place, even though I may be biased. Our motto e pluribus unum 'out of many one', is such a true statement, so many different people coming together as one, thats what America is. We're still a young country, but we've gotten through a lot and we won't forget, we can't forget. Never in my life have I felt so patriotic, just going to DC (albeit, it was my fourth time), seeing all of those monuments, made me realize, USA is a place to be proud of living in. 

I thought about deleting the above paragraph. I don't know.. These last two months have just been kinda off. So much work so little time. Agh. Next wednesday and thursday I have 3 tests and two papers due, fun stuff I tell you, fun stuff. Did average on the PSAT. Darn I need to learn how to care again. 


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365 Days of Caroline said...

i love your blog so much , i stop by it everyday cause your oufits are just SO cute ! i LOVE your hunter boots, just wondering if they are worth the extra money to splurge and get them ?! thanks :) xx

365 Days of Caroline said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG ! Your otfits truly inspire me to push limits! Hunter boots, worth the splurge ?! xx